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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg

We at Certified Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners understand the need for a clean, professional and welcoming atmosphere when running a business. A commercial space, whether it be an office building, a restaurant, or an empty retail/warehouse space, all require the approachability of a viable, respectable business. Daily traffic, whether it be from customers or employees can take its toll on the overall appearance, and wear on your carpets and furniture. First impressions are lasting impressions. Let us help you maintain the upmost in a clean, healthy environment for all your company’s carpet and upholstery needs. Our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services can help you to keep them looking their very best.

We are Certified Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners. Our effective, efficient service speaks for itself. Certified Cleaners has had over 50 years experience in the Industry, and continues today with a great reputation.

Cleaning carpets on a regular basis will not only keep them looking great, but it will also remove dirt, debris, allergens and pollutants. What lingers in the carpets of any business could be making your employees sick, and those sick days mean less productivity.

In any business environment there can be a wide variety of dirt and stains.  Certified Cleaners has met many challenges in difficult to clean areas, and our years of experience consistantly obtain fantastic results. Many times, overuse of carpets, especially in high traffic areas may make you think your carpets need replacing. Carpets are often salvaged by regular cleanings, at a fraction of the cost. We try our very best for customer satisfaction.

At Certified Cleaners, we use only the very best equipment, cleaners and methods to clean your carpets. We employ a well trained, experienced staff that take pride in their work. Each and every one of us, prides themselves on their service. We take pride, so you can take pride. The impression that a customer has when they walk through the door is too important to not invest in cleaning your carpets.

We offer flexible hours so that we can keep our commitment to you. We offer service to clean the carpets or upholstery when your business is closed so that they are fresh and clean by the time you and your customers arrive in the morning. A great looking environment, suggests to customers that you are an efficient company that respects themselves as well as their clients. Your clients are more likely to make purchases and make recommendations to others when they feel they are in an organized clean space.

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